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Make a Name for Your Salon With
Our Professional Tinting Products

At Hairpearl Tint  North America, we have all your salon needs covered. When you order from us, you will always receive excellent service, pricing, and quality.

Eye Massaging Oil

Our Eye Massaging Oil provides a relaxing massage and prevents the rapid formation of wrinkles and dark circles. Use to relax and smooth your skin:

  • ITU-EYEOIL: $9.95

Eye Cream

Our natural and gentle Eye Cream reduces lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Use to smooth crow's feet and prevent the formation of wrinkles:

  • ITU-EYECRM: $16.95

Disposable Mascara Brush

Prevent cross infection by using our disposable mascara wands for your tint applications:

  • ITU-MBRUSH 25 ct: $3.95

Intensive Tint Brush and Intensive Disposable Mixing Cup

Tint Brush

Our application brush works amazingly for eyebrow and eyelash tinting:


Mixing Dish

Perfect for proper tinting application, this mixing dish is made of high quality, durable glass:

  • ITU-MIXDISH: $2.95

Disposable Mixing Cup

Our convenient, disposable mixing cups are economical for use with each client:

  • ITU-MIXCUP 1 Oz. 100 ct.: $3.95

Protecting Papers

Our Protecting Paper is ideal for tinting the lashes and eyebrows. Use to cover and protect the skin around the eyes:

  • ITU-PROPAPER: $6.95


Our Remover provides gentle removal of excess color. This exclusive formula is suitable for sensitive skin:

  • ITU-TINTREMVR: $16.50

Makeup Remover

Try our Makeup Remover for gentle, refreshing results. Our remover will cleanse the skin thoroughly while removing even long-lasting makeup.

  • INTU-MAKUPRMVR: $14.95

Eyebrow Gel

Give your eyebrows a great shine with our Eyebrow Gel. Ideal for professional grade styling.

  • ITU-EYEGEL: $9.95