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What is Brow Lamination?

The All New BROW LAMINATION is an Amazing and Exciting

Salon & Spa Service that Creates PERFECT BROWS!

Brow Experts All Over the World LOVE the

Dramatic Results of Hairpearl's BROW LAMINATION.

Hairpearl Brow Lamination Kit.jpg
Hairpearl 1,2,3 & Bond.jpg
Hairpearl's Professional Tools.jpg
Hairpearl Eye Shields Protective Pads Group New.jpg
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Brow Lamination Step by Step Instructions

Hairpearl Brow Lamination Treatment.JPG



What does Brow Lamination do?


• Perfectly Grooms the EYEBROWS

• Increases Brow Volume and Fullness 

• Allows Growth of Sparse Brow Areas 

• Gives the Eyes a Distinguished Look

• Use with hairpearl Tints for Dramatic Results 

• Earn Huge Profit Margins for Salons & Spas 

• Lasts Up to 8 Weeks

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